I'm Possible International Reawakening Camp

A "reawakening" of basketball's original camps at the historic Hoop Group Pocono's location. 58 years later, this camp is designed to bring back the original essence of a basketball camp to make better players through elite instruction and competitive game play. Players will be brought through all the effective "old school" team methods of the past with a Big East head coach and the innovative training developed by I'm Possible's founder Micah Lancaster. Sold out in 2018 in the inaugural return of the Reawakening.

program highlights

  • Overnight Camp, Boarding & Meals Included
  • Skill Development with Micah Lancaster
  • Game & IQ Development with Mike Rice
  • Social Activities & Entertainment
  • Scouting Services & Media Coverage
  • Newark Airport Ground Transportation
  • Sold Out in 2018
  • Boys & Girls

program schedule

  • June 29th - Check-In - Noon to 2pm - Late Check-In Available
  • July 2nd - Check-out - Noon - Early Check-Out Available